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Jardin de Luxembourg
Pont Neuf
Eiffel Tower
Jardin des Tuileries

These five specific Parisian sites were chosen with three criteria in mind:

Each site had to be featured in an illustration in one of the first two Madeline books (Madeline or Madeline’s Rescue).

Each site had to fit in geographically as part of a complete tour itinerary that could reasonably be completed in one day.

Each site had to be a place that a child would enjoy and find interesting to visit.

The complete tour itinerary is available on the Tour Details page while the individual site pages offer detail on each location visited. All of the pages contain essentially the same information for each stop of the tour:

"The Madeline Connection" explains where and how each site appears in the book(s).

"Things Kids Might Like to Know" and "For Grown-ups to Know" sections deliver different types of (hopefully!) interesting factual information to each age group. Sometimes there is a separate "Historical Notes" section and other times that type of information is offered in more of a narrative form.

Each site is located within bordering streets or landmarks and the nearest Métro station is given, as are RER line names and bus numbers.

Hours of operation are supplied when applicable and entrance fees are given.